The first opportunity to display my furniture

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Now that the first pieces of furniture are built and the website has gone live, I started to wonder where I could display selected items to make the public aware of my little business. My thoughts began to circle around the "Wine Centre" here in Gisborne, where we have enjoyed two wonderful wine tastings. Located at the waterfront of the inner harbour, it is a beautiful opportunity to enjoy one or more glasses of the best local wines and to sit and chat with friends. If you don't like wine, there's locally brewed beer and cider on offer as well! For me, the Gisborne Wine Centre is the melting pot of locally produced, often award winning beverages. This made me wonder if it wouldn't be just the place to display one of my wine cabinets which is a creative assembly of timber harvested on the local shorelines. 

Kindly, the "Gisborne Wine Centre" enabled me do exactly that. Thank you for the opportunity to display one of my pieces in such a vibrant setting!


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